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Feature Matrix

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Feature Standard Professional CC Pro
Backup wizard      
Profile groups (run and schedule multiple profiles)      
Backup destination      
Backup to local drive      
Backup to network folder      
Backup removable drive      
Backup to FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Backblaze B2      
Backup to SFTP, OpenStack      
Storage Locations (user defined storage properties)      
Secondary backup destination      
Limit backup/transfer speed      
Backup items (Sources)      
Local Files/Folders      
Network, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, OpenStack, OneDrive, Dropbox Files/Folders      
Plugin support *      
Inclusion/exclusion filters      
Backup of open files (VSS)      
Backup of NTFS permissions (ACL)      
Backup format      
Compressed backup (Zip, Zip64, 7z with strong encryption)      
Uncompressed copy (with or without encryption)      
Backup type      
Full backup      
Incremental backup      
Differential backup      
Copy backup (standalone full backup)      
Running Backup Jobs      
Scheduled jobs (Windows Task Scheduler)      
Scheduled jobs (KLS Backup Service Scheduler)      
Actions to run before/after      
Scheduled tasks calendar view      
Archive Management      
Search in archives      
Local catalogs (offline search)      
Archive retention options      
Password protected archives      
Encryption (AES-256)      
Encrypted connections (SSL/TLS)      
Restore wizard      
Restore selected files      
Restore to custom location      
Synchronization wizard      
Synchronize local folders      
Synchronize network folders      
Synchronize with ZIP file, FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud folders      
Synchronize with SFTP, OpenStack folders      
Cloud-to-Cloud synchronization      
Continuous (real-time) synchronization      
Versions (restore deleted files)      
Cleanup wizard      
Secure file deletion (DOD, NSA)      
Backup before cleanup      
Logs and Notifications      
Log to file (txt, html)      
Send log file via email      
Windows Event Logs      
Notification plugins (SysLog, Amazon SNS)      
Other features      
Remote Administration (Control Center client)      
Console (command line) interface      
Advanced profile format (override default task properties)      
Segmented (parallel) upload      
Backup Service (runs as a windows service)      
Web Monitor      
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