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05.03.2011 - WSCC 2.0 released

The portable application WSCC 2.0 was released. The new Update Manager is faster and more reliable than its predecessor. WSCC is available as a standard portable application and runs on all version of Windows.


For more information see, the WSCC website.

04.14.2011 - KLS Backup 2009 5.2.2 released

KLS Backup 2009 5.2.2 brings important updates to KLS Backup 2009 5.2.X series and includes preliminary support for KLS Backup 2011 profiles. This new version supports the latest Windows operating systems including Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Small Business Server 2011.

01.05.2010 - KLS Backup 2009 5.1 released

KLS Backup 2009 5.1 is a significant update of KLS Backup 2009 and includes the following new features: backup/restore NTFS file security (ACL), backup speed limit for local and network locations, improved differential backup and more. KLS Backup 2009 Standard Edition now suports encrypted FTP and SMTP connections (SSL/TLS).

10.07.2009 - KLS Backup 2009 released

KLS Backup 2009 is released! This major update adds significant new features to KLS Backup 2009: scheduled tasks calendar view, improved profile groups, user defined storage locations, improved password manager, better integration with Windows 7 and more.

KLS Backup 2009 KLS Backup 2009

With the new console interface you can run backup jobs from the command prompt, Windows PowerShell or from a batch file.

KLS Backup 2009 - Command Line Iterface

For more information see, the KLS Backup 2009 History page.

09.15.2009 - WSCC Portable and WSCC U3 Edition released

WSCC Portable Edition WSCC Portable Edition is designed for use on the Platform.

WSCC U3 Edition is designed for use on the U3 smart drives and integrates itself into the U3 launchpad.

01.16.2009 - KLS Backup 2008 4.7 released

KLS Backup 2008 now supports Windows 7 (beta) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (beta). See full change list here.

KLS Backup 2008 running on Windows 7 Beta
10.15.2008 - WSCC 1.0 released

WSCCWSCC is a new portable program that allows you to view, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites.

For more information see, the WSCC website.

10.09.2008 - KLS Backup 2008 4.5 released

KLS Backup 2008 4.5 is a significant update of the 4.x series. New major features: Copy backup with individual file compression and encryption, Archive Password Manager, Drag'n Drop, folder filters and new backup plugins.

07.29.2008 - KLS Mail Backup released

Easy to use email backup based on our award winning KLS Backup 2008. KLS Mail Backup supports the most popular email clients (Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird) and is freeware.

Read more.

05.26.2008 - KLS Backup 2008 released

KLS Backup 2008With the new KLS Backup 2008, KLS Soft continues its tradition of delivering a robust, highly configurable backup tool with amazing features and value.

KLS Backup 2008 features include new encryption options, log management tools, improved user interface, stability, performance and support for the latest operating systems.

Read more.

04.17.2008 - ymDataTraveler! released

ymDataTraveler! fixes some critical synchronization problems. The improved synchronization engine works better with the Microsoft Exchange Server. The File/Folder synchronization now uses less memory/CPU time.

03.21.2008 - KLS Backup 2007 released

KLS Backup 2007 is bugfix release but also contains minor performance and usability enhancements.

12.22.2007 - KLS Backup 2007 released

KLS Backup 2007 update brings mainly bugfixes and adds 64-bit Windows support.

06.09.2007 - ymDataTraveler! released

ymDataTraveler! is as a standalone portable personal information manager, PIM. ymDataTraveler! allows you to easily transport your personal files, e-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes wherever you go. The U3 edition is designed for use on the U3 smart drives and integrates itself into the U3 launchpad. Read more.

05.12.2007 - KLS Backup 2007 released

KLS Backup 2007 is a major update of our award-winning backup application, with plenty of new features and improvements. Highlight in this release include docked user interface, new file filtering system, improved stability and performance. The new synchronization module features unicode filename support and UTF-8 encoding for FTP operations.

02.06.2007 - KLS Backup 2006 released

Windows Vista CompatibleKLS Backup 2006 Professional and KLS Backup 2006 Standard now is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. This release has better support for the popular 7z format and fixes numerous problems found in the previous versions.

08.09.2006 - KLS Backup 2006 2.0 released

This major update brings a whole set of new features to KLS Backup 2006: integrated backup scheduler, runs as windows service and unicode file name support. Using the new explorer style file selection tool is more easier to define the files you want to backup. For more information see, the KLS Backup 2006 History page.

05.27.2006 - KLS Backup 2006 1.9.5 released

Version 1.9.5 adds native CD/DVD burning functionality and removes the 2GB FTP file size limit.

03.28.2006 - ymSync! released

ymSync! first public beta released. ymSync! is a synchronization software, designed for removable/USB drives and can work with Outlook and Outlook Express to synchronize e-mails, contacts, appointment, tasks, notes and personal files.

01.10.2006 - KLS Backup 2006 released

Redesigned user interface, HTML logs as attachment, registry backup and better performance.

07.20.2005 - KLS Backup 2005 1.6.0 released

This new version features SQX compression with 128-bit AES encryption, and more flexible MySQL options.

05.23.2005 - KLS Backup 2005 1.4.0 released

This update fixes some critical bugs and adds synchronization support.

04.04.2005 - KLS Backup 2005 1.2.0 released

This release fixes some critical bugs found in the previous version and adds some new features. For more information see, the KLS Backup 2005 History page.

02.10.2005 - KLS Backup 2005 1.0.1 released

This release fixes some bugs found in the previous version

02.09.2005 - New KLS Soft Site Launched.