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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform backup of different files, folders, databases at a time?

Yes. A backup set can contain an unlimited number of backup items. You can mix as many backup items as you need.

Does KLS Backup 2023 do incremental, differential and full backups?

Yes. KLS Backup 2023 supports full, incremental and differential backups.

KLS Backup 2023 supports incremental, differential and full backups. What happens when I change the backup type?

You can always change between full, incremental and differential backup types. If you change from incremental to differentinal, next time the program will make a full backup.

Does KLS Backup 2023 work with Windows 11?

Yes. KLS Backup 2023 (all versions) works with Windows 10/11 (all 32/64bit editions).

Can I use KLS Backup 2023 to backup my data to cloud storage?

Yes. KLS Backup 2023 includes support for the most popular cloud storage services: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack Storage.

Can I use KLS Backup 2023 to synchronize the files of an FTP or WebDAV server?

Yes. KLS Backup 2023 can synchronize a local directory with a directory located on an FTP, SFTP or WebDAV server. You can mirror your local directory, or you can make bi-directional synchronization.

Are created Zip and 7z files (archives) compatible with other Zip archivers?

Yes, they are compatible. You can use any Zip compression software (WinZip, 7-Zip or WinRAR) to extract files from the archive.

Does KLS Backup 2023 allow multiple versions of each backup file?

Yes. This is an important feature. KLS Backup 2023 maintains a library containing a history of backup jobs and the files contained in each backup run. The items of the library are called archives. An archive is created after every backup run. This feature offers a clear view over backup set history, and allows you to keep track of file versions.

Can I set up a different schedule for a profile?

Yes. You can set up multiple schedules for a profile. For example: full backup for the 1st of the month and incremental backup at week-end.

Can KLS Backup 2023 save the log files after each backup run?

KLS Backup 2023 generates a log file during the backup process. KLS Backup 2023 can save the log file to a specified directory and can send the log file to a specified email address. In addition then major backup events can be added to the system application event log.

How do I purchase a license?

Complete options for purchasing are listed here.

What is the upgrade policy?

All maintenance upgrades are free. If you purchase a license for KLS Backup 2023, you are allowed free updates for the corresponding edition for the same minor version. For example, if you own version 11.0.0, and version 11.0.1 is released, you will receive the update free.